Lock down your wellbeing at Central Square

The winter hibernation can be pretty comfy, whether chilling on the sofa, playing video games or binging on your favourite TV series. Couple that with the closure of gyms and an order to stay at home, and keeping fit has become challenging and often, quite unappealing.

However, being active and taking care of yourself doesn’t always have to mean a run round the park in the snow, Rocky-style. Whether it’s simply a blast of fresh air to reactivate your creativity, having a stretch after sitting at your desk for too long, we’ve got some tips – and some fabulous homes – that can help you prioritise your wellbeing.

Get outside

Fresh air makes such a difference to your motivation and concentration. Make the most of the daylight – especially during these winter months – and get outside for your allocated daily walk, even if it’s just a quick stroll up the road.

At Central Square, residents will have access to an array of open spaces – perfect to blow away the cobwebs. Local hotspots include Ealing Common, Brent Valley Park, Grand Union Canal and Pitshanger Park. For those of you who would rather exercise on two wheels instead of two feet, Central Square will also be providing a Brompton Bike Hire service for residents.

Spice up your routine

The open-plan layout of our homes is ideal for the flexible use of space – providing plenty of room to roll out your yoga mat for some zen reflection or for a full HITT workout – complete with sprints – to boost your health.

Try and keep it interesting if you work out because you have to, not because you want to. While working out at home, watch your favourite show or listen to a podcast to distract yourself. Alternatively, why not try activity video games or YouTube tutorials that simulate movement like dancing, tennis, football, or Zumba. These can be great alternatives if you’re unable to participate in the real thing at the moment but need some variety alongside Joe Wicks’ latest PE class.

Stay connected with other people

Wellbeing is about more than physical activity; maintaining relationships with people you trust makes a huge positive difference. Thanks to technology we can stay in touch with our loved ones even if we’re all stuck at home. While we appreciate that Zoom quizzes are starting to wear a little thin, even a virtual coffee date could boost your mood.

Enjoy some alone time!

Each of our apartments provides a balcony – the perfect spot to sit quietly and enjoy a morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. Plus, when the days get longer, the natural light helps the body produce Vitamin D and fight off seasonal blues. For a change of scene, residents at Central Square will also have access to communal landscaped gardens, a playground and community centre so you can get to know your neighbours…even from a social distance.

For those of you looking forward to when rules relax and you can visit the gym again, Ealing Council is also working on plans to replace the Gurnell Leisure Centre. Early designs for the new scheme include a large 100-station gym and three studios plus multiple pools, saunas and steam rooms, as well as a children’s soft play and a café. The leisure centre is located just half a mile from Central Square.

If you’re looking for a home that can provide a healthier way of life without compromising on city links and convenience, register your interest in Central Square now.